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The CRA's do not respond to MOV's. I think we need to make that comment a big sticky right at the top of every forum. :?

You can write or call and request anything you want. Bottom line is you get a generic printout outlining their dispute procedure.

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Thanks for that info Doc. I am really new and have been going thru this site reading and trying to learn. My problem is that all 3 negatives on my report are from collection agencies. So on this site it suggests that I should try the DV method. On the illustration for DV it says I should try the MOV with the CRA's after they verify. I guess I'll skip that part and just focus on the CA's to see what happens. Thanks again.

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I have the same question/similar situation, and I understand that the CRAs are not cooperative.

I DV'd a TL with EQ and the other two CRAs.

EQ responded with verified, supplying the same info as on my CR as the contact point, the other two CRAs deleted the TL.

(Note that I did not DV the CA related to this TL, as I didn't want to wake them, thought I'd try to just get them removed via the CRAs only)


I MOV'd EQ asking how they verified and requesting the name, ph, address of who they verified with. As I understand the FCRA, they are required to respond within 15 days.

I received a response to my MOV from EQ within the 15 days (dated on day 15). This response described the process and did not include any of the information I requested, which is part of the FCRA. Isn't it?

I'm thinking this is where consumers are able to get their tradelines removed, due to lack of proper response from the CRA.

Do I write them again restating the exact statue they have violated and demand immediate removal with the threat of a lawsuit?

What is the next step?

Is there a next step?

Doc, anyone else who can comment on this, please do.

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That's exactly what I meant by "they do not respond to MOV's". You received their idea of a MOV.

No, threatening to sue the CRA's will only get you in their "Special Handling Department", where you're assigned ONE rep. Anything having to do with your reports will now go through that one person.

You have to outright sue the CRA's. They invite it. They welcome it. You have to remember the key here is the CRA's do not believe the FCRA applies to them. They can ignore whatever section they do not agree with - you'll notice they are always first to spout off about the "frivolous investigation" section, but not a peep about MOV.

The very caretakers of the FCRA won't do anything about it, neither will our elected officials, or state Attorneys General. That leaves you, Joe Lunchbox to take them on yourselves. In their eyes, that's worth ignoring Federal Law.

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Yes. Don't threaten them, or file a complaint against them - you're making more problems for yourself by being thrown into Special Handling, where nobody can hear you scream.

There's no such thing as "just file suit". If the CRA's weren't confident in their game, they wouldn't pull these stunts. You need to look for a consumer protection attorney - one who knows the CRAs' games.

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Here's my question to add to this thread...hopefully it isn't too redundant. I have initially disputed the negative items on my credit reports, so they are listed as in dispute. I am confident that they will later come back "verified", so my question is: should I even bother with a MOV letter, or just sue them like you say after the items come back verified?

Also, after you file lawsuit, what is the process on getting them to delete the negative itmes that they can't and won't validate?


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