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Validation receipt...or is it?


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I sent by certified letter to the attorney for a collection agency the following for debt validation:

Mr. ______,

Two months ago I sent you a letter (copy attached) in response to your letter dated (copy attached). Therefore I am reiterating my stipulations:

1. The TRUE name of the collection agency.

I still cannot find “CENTUTION” (FDCPA § 807)

2. Validation of the debt. (FDCPA § 809)

The second provision must now include a copy of the signed agreement. You now have only fifteen days to reply.

The response I received was a statement from the collection agency, name and address, amount, the standard stuff.

No copy of the signed agreement was sent.

It included this response:

"Please find enclosed the documents you requested. Please call our office upon receipt of this letter to discuss your continuing dispute, or to pay this account in full.

We look forward to hearing from you."

He didn't give me the documents I requested.

I have not called him and, as of yet, have sent no other certified letters.

What if he continues with the collection process?

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Actually he is not under any obligation to obtain for you a copy of a signed agreement. The place you found that misinformation needs to be changed.

And while I'm at it, I'll throw this out as a general statement (to all new members)...

If you applied for the card online, there is no 'signed' agreement in the traditional sense of the phrase - there's an electronic signature on it and that happened when you clicked the Submit button and "agreed to all terms and conditions". Do not believe they cannot proceed with litigation because there's nothing signed with pen and ink.

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