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Derogatory Public Record -- Legal Item


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Ok-- this is getting to be so much fun!! I don't think my boyfriends ex ever paid one medical bill, I think she must have ignored them and now they are all catching up -- to the amount of $7000+ that we know about, who knows what we are missing.

We pulled his Fico score and it shows 4 Derogatory Public Records that are all legal items. The total on all of these is $6309. He bought a home last April and had to pay off $5000 in medical bills, right now he is paying off one that he had a judgment on and it totals around $1200. We are wondering/hoping that these are all the bills that he has already paid and its just being reported incorrectly.

How do we find out if that is in fact the case? Is the date filed field the date that it was filed with the court? The only thing listed on these accounts is the Type, Court Number, Amount, Date Filed, Status Date and Type code. The oldest date filed is August 2001 and the Status says Satisfied Judgement. The other 3 date filed's were January 02, March 02 and May 02, and all of the status fields say Judgment.

Any help you guys can provide is more than appreciated

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