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A question regarding credit agencies


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I am new to this website and in need of serious help with my credit repair. I have been reading a great deal from everyone and I hope someone here can help me out. I have serveral questions:

1-How do you get 30, 60, 90 days notices deleted of your credit report?

is it that easy to just simply send a dispute letter and get a deletion off? Second I am having serious problems with a certain collection agency.

Here is what happened: I was hospitlized three years ago and at the time I could not pay it off nor did I have health insurance. I eventually settled with the collection agency but the following month another collection agency started calling saying I owe that same hospital money and ironically it is the the amount left over from the settlement (192 dollars). The credit agency that I settled with states that I do not owe them money but this new agency that is hassling me is not even acknowledging the other one...or maybe they are the same? I do not KNOW!

What should I do? I still do not understand the underlying intricies with debt validation and credit repair...

I am thinking of contacting oviation law and just have them fix it for me but I am short on cash and I see that many people here have fixed their own problems and I want to do the same!

Sorry to bother you guys but I really want this thing out of my life for good!

I hope someone here can help...and in advance I just wanted to thank everyone here even if they read it!....you have no idea...well maybe you guys do but this hole thing with credit is just so overwhelming !

Leantimes :D

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