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For those who dont believe....


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I just want to do a heads up for folks who don't think you can win against a CA.

Here's my score card so far (I started this journey in September of 2002)

Calvary- 1st time $1000 (no lawyer small claims)

2nd time -1000 and total deletion of debt (lawyer wrote letter..I did most of work)

Bennet and Daloney/Security Check-$4500 (lawyer)

Cabrerra $ Assoc -$6500 (lawyer)

Car lot for non PP - $4500(lawyer)

Small CA in KY for non PP- $1500(lawyer)

Mortgage company for no adverse action letter- $1500 (lawyer)

JBC- $4000(lawyer)

And I still have 2 CA's to go after possibly 3.

Might do these in small claims.. talked to a lawyer in Buffalo who is very interested.

It CAN be done... you just have to be persistant and stick with it.

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Number 1 and above all else.. DOCUMENT everything.

The more names, numbers, papers, proof you can get the stronger your case and more cash.

Number 2.. search for a good consumer attorney. don't give up. They are out there.

Number 3.. if all else fails.. read read read and read more about the laws.. about filing suit and DO IT.

The more you know.. the better off you are.

If a CA violates... document everything.

It is your best weapon.

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Might be... David is swamped and it's a pain in the arse to get him to contact me.

I am in New York and he's in KY. its a pain in the butt talking, emailing, sending documents.

He's had this encore case since last march... I want resolution before SOL expires.

So yeah.. might be switching

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