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I am confused


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Good Evening All,

I am in the process of sending out some DV to my lovely collectors.

I ordered my 3 credit reports with myfico.

In divemedic sticky, he says to dispute all negative TLs. I am not sure i understand how to dispute them.

For instance

I have one from Discover Card that was a CO. When i dispute it what do i use as a reason? so on and so forth most of my negitives are TL's. How do i go about making reasons up for so many of them?

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I am sorry to keep bothering everyone, im juts nervous about eveything

and i thank you for all your support

I think i found my answer, but i cant seem to find some samples of these letters

Chargeoff Advice

Chargeoff: Yes

Your goal is to completely remove these accounts from your credit reports. Write a letter to the credit bureaus and dispute the chargeoff balance, date the account was opened, or account number.

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There is an almost endless amount of choices for dispute.

Do you recognize the accounts? If not, "Not familiar with this account. Do not recall having conducted business with this company"

Are the balances correct? If not, "Balance is incorrect. Reads $XX.XX, should be $XX.XX"

Are the dates correct?

Are the lates correct?

Is the date closed, charge off date, date sold, correct?

You list the account(s) in question, then the account number (or as much of the account number as the CRA gave you), and what is it you question.

Like this:

CAPITAL ONE xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx This account was never late.

FSNB xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx This account should have a $0 balance.

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