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These are some basic "rules of the road" we've always kinda gone by here on CIC to make everyone's visit go as smoothly as possible. We don't ask much... :-)


This is a public forum, which means it can be viewed by anyone. Do not post personal information (ie: your real name, address, account information, etc.).

Search First, Please
Before posting a question, take a quick look at the topics already in the forum you're in. Your answer may be right there on the page in front of you. Posting duplicate threads without first looking to see if the question or topic has already been covered causes unnecessary clutter, and makes it harder for everyone to navigate the board. Questions such as "has anyone here heard of Orchard?" or "is there a credit monitoring service that allows daily pulls?" make it obvious you haven't searched, so don't be surprised if the responses reflect that.

There is a "search" feature you can use to find discussions relating to your topic (the button is above on every page). The fewer the words, the better it works. For example, instead of "ABC sent a letter", just type "ABC"; "won't remove wrong addresses" becomes "addresses".

Post in Correct Forum
When posting a question, make sure you're in the correct forum. Do not post all your questions in "Credit Repair" simply because it's the first forum you see--if your question relates to applying for a credit card, or collections, please post in those forums. Question about your credit reports/scores, or a credit bureau? There's a forum for that. Questions about your student loan shouldn't be posted in the BK forum. Also, questions should not be posted in this forum, or in "Resources". Don't worry about getting it 100% correct. Close is all we ask.

Pinned Topics
Please do not post questions in the "Pinned Topics" - it just makes important information that much harder to locate. If you have pertinent information to add to the Sticky topic, by all means, add it.

Other Tips

1. Don't rephrase the same question and post it in a different forum.

2. If you have a related question to your original post, add the new question to that post. Do not start a new thread.

3. Keep your questions short and sweet. Be detailed, but don't go overboard. You'll lose viewers after the third paragraph.

4. Another way to lose readers is to use one continuous run-on sentence. Take others' feelings into consideration - use paragraphs. Ask yourself if you would want to read through your post before hitting "submit".

5. Please post the state you reside in. Laws and services vary from state to state.

6. Posting in all CAPS is considered shouting in the world of online etiquette.

7. Post your question only ONE time, in ONE forum. There is no need to post the same question about a collection letter you received from an attorney in the "Collections" forum and the "Is There A Lawyer In The House" forum. It's too hard to keep track of the direction the information is going when the same question is split up like that.


If your question is not answered right away, don't worry. Not everyone is here at the same time, all day. Somebody will get to you. If you don't get a response for a day or two, then find your post, hit "post reply" and type in *bump*. That will recycle your post to the top of the forum.

If your question remains unanswered, don't take it personally. It probably got missed or there isn't an answer right away. Search engines like Google, or Yahoo! are perfect for researching possible answers.

Don't be afraid to PM a member, unless they specifically request not to be contacted. Everyone is here to help each other. BUT.... chances are, your question has already been answered. We encourage questions to be posted for everyone to see - your issue may help somebody else. Also, it's not fair to make somebody your personal credit coach. Remember that everyone is here voluntarily and for free - including the moderators and administrators.


Direct solicitation of our members is never allowed. Advertising your services, or placing contact information (ie: your business phone number, business web address) in your signature is also not allowed except under special circumstances approved by the site owner. You can include that information in your member profile page. This does not include links to members' personal web pages, photo pages, blogs, date-me, rate my goat, etc.

Spammers will be reported to their ISP.

Public personal attacks, flaming, name calling, and trolling are not allowed. This is not a  chatroom. We are all adults here. Bickering should be done via PM but not to the extent that it could be deemed harassment.

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Want to be notified when someone responds to your posts via email?  Mentions you by name in a post (that's what the @Mention link is for under your name when you post)?  You need to set this in your notification options.  


1. Go to the top right corner of the forum, click on your user name then: 



My Settings > Notification Options> Notify me when there are new replies to my topics


My Settings> Notification Options> Notify me when someone mentions me in a post


3. Select how you want to be notified and boom, you are in the loop!

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