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Profit and Loss Writeoff


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Of course. But the idea is removing it.

If they have written it off, how can i get it removed? Must I settle? If so, what is the best way to do so?

Is there any other way (by tricking them into FACTA violations, etc.)?

I suspect you would want to remove it without paying the old dead debt because that paying it won't help you clean up your CR.

Unless you feel morally compelled to pay them -then its time to negiotiate with the OC (or CA.)

Otherwise, You have to start at the beginning. (DV-Dispute aka. the 1-2 punch.)

When was this charged off? That could change you strategy a bit...

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No, I don't feel compelled to pay them. I need their TL off of my report by May. I can deal with the CA through DV, but I need this off because I am applying to the Bar in my state, and the bar does a background check.

Do they have the power to do a PFD?

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Of course they do...Everone has the power to delete but they rarely agree to. ...

You still haven't told me when this was charged off, the approximate amount, the type of creditor (bank vs CC) or the size of the institution...

All thes factors will affect your strategy.

As a far as the bar goes - don't they ignore PAID collections ?

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OK... DOD=date of initial deliquency reported.

Amount one - $520 - DOD 1/2000 - credit card - local credt union. Profit and Loss writeoff. Contract formed in California.

Amount two - $633 (now they say 1,052 on a $500 limit card) - DOD 8/2001, charged off May of 2005 - credit card from Capital One. Charged off account, no CA. Contract formed in Illinois.

Amount three - $2142 (on $1500 limit card) - DOD 8/2001, - credit card from MBNA. Charged off account, Midland handles. Contract formed in Illinois.

Amount four - $957 (on $250 limit card - what BS!) - DOD 8/2001, - credit card from PROVIDIAN. Charged off account, Credit Solutions handles. Contract formed in Illinois.

SOLs have expired in my state (FLA).

I need to get these off! Thank you so much for your input.

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Ok -the Credit Union one is th one your were originally asking about... That one could be negotiated with the CU for PFD or more preferably just dispute it and see what happens... its only a delay of 30 days -and you may luck out becuase of the age of the item.

The others are TOUGH, no easy answers here. You'll have to go the normal Credit Repair route. (1-2 Punch.)



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