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Unusual question about FCRA ?

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I was divorced in PA and during the process my ex took me to court for spousal support. We had not children. We went to court in 12/04 and the Master awarded her support back to July, the date of the filing.

Automatically I was in arrears. The state of PA initiates a wage attachment order for spousal support which started when they requested it and has since been paid-off during the entire year of 2005 thru wage attachement. I have been at the same job and never have they missed deducting a payment from my pay.

The FCRA addresses child support, not spousal support:

§ 622. Information on overdue child support obligations [15 U.S.C. § 1681s-1]

The next day after I saw the payment was received by Domestic Relations and the account was paid-off, I sent a dispute letter to all of the CRA's. It has come back verified by TU with a balance still due. Besides waiting for a response from the MOV letter to TU, can I sue the County Domestic Relations office for violations ? How much luck would you have suing the Domestic Relations office ?

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According to Domestic Relations the case is closed and there is no balance due. She then told me that she doesnt have a record of TU calling. I know when I call , I get grilled and they ask every question to verify they are talking to the correct person. I did seent TU a MOV letter, so this can get interesting. They report the the CRA's on the 1st of the month. The account was paid in full on the 30th of December. It is showing a balance due of 875.00 but i was notated as a closed collection account for child support.

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