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Confused about a TARGET letter I just got.

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I applied for a Target card online last week and got this letter yesterday stating this:

Thanks for your interest in the Target credit card. We had to stop processing your application becasue we couldn't verify your address due to specific information provided by the credit bureau(s) listed below.

It goes on to say make a photo copy of my DL and untility bill and then they will proceed with application.

Now, the CRA they have listed is TRANS UNION. I currently have True Credit, Privacy Guard, and hard copies of my credit report and TU has my correct info on all of them.

What do you make of this?

It then goes on to say:

Our decision is not a negative reflection on your credit worthiness. We based our decision on information provided from the national credit bureau listed below.

FYI, these are my current scores. I know these aren't "true" but it gives an idea of where I'm at.

PG has:

EQ: 629

EX: 622

TU: 591

TrueCredit has TU at 615.



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I have that problem sometimes because my address has a dash in it, but whether or not it's included or left in often makes a difference to these computer programs. It could be the tiniest thing. Like on the BoA preselector thingy, it kept telling me my address was wrong... turned out they didn't like that I abbreviated "Street"!!

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