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Apple Computer Credit = 2 Cards

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Friday a week ago I applied online for Apple Computer credit and was approved for only $400. Not enough to buy a new iMac and I do not need another iPod and so I thought it was quite a waste of my time and a hit on my credit reports.

This Saturday I receive 2 new credit cards - a Chase Rewards card with a $400 limit and a Direct Merchants Bank card with a $700 limit. Since I only applied for the Apple Credit I was not sure where the Direct Merchants or Chase came from. Since the Chase was for $400, I figured that was from Apple and they had no branded card.

I called Direct Merchants to see who they were and the CSR told me that Apple is having issues and that she has heard that people are getting multiple cards. Had I purchased something online at approval time, it would have charged to their card. Still too low a limit to purchase a system, but funny that is was a better limit than what was displayed on the approval screen online and made available to me.

Anyway, looks like Apple has been playing with differant compaines and I was one of those caught in the middle.

Too bad Apple bothers to approve people for amounts not large enough to purchase a computer, not even a Mac Mini. Dell gave me $2500 a year ago and was more than enough to purchase most of their systems at the time.

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That's weird. So are the cards working at all? What did they tell you to do with them?

They both activated and have full available credit. Since it is not an Apple credit card, they will work like any normal MC or Visa.

Apple lost out on a sale and I got 2 new low limit cards I did not want. I guess 2 new TLs will not hurt and I believe the Chase Rewards Visa is a decent card (if it had a normal credit line).

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