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I need help writing a realy good letter


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I need help writing to GMAC. Ideally I want the TL removed but realistically I would settle for change of date.

Currrently they are reporting:

something like 60 days late for one date and 180 for another and last delinquency date as 11/2004.

As I have said many a time, my insurance company did not pay for this car, a Chevy (GMC) when it burned down on the highway in 2001 and I stopped paying 9/2001.

Eventually, I won a lawsuit against the insur company in 2004, and GMAC settled for a certain amount which is exactly what the ins company paid, however after the lawyer took his portion and paid the remainder directly to GMAC it was short $5K. Therefore, I have this nasty looking negative account on my report.

I need help writing an effective letter. I really need this gone or at least to the point that it is not hurting my score very much.

Also it isn't showing on my EX report and I don't want them to put it back on there.

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Yes he was crappy, because I asked him to work that out for me before anything and obviously, all he cared about was his money.

I was doing this from across the country, so that made it difficult.

Also GMAC put an inquiry on my report in Jan 2005, so it looks like I applied for a loan.

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The contingencies for any law suit is to recover money for damages. I don't understand if you sued the insurance company to cover the cost of the vehicle to GMAC, then it was up to your Attorney to make sure there was enough money for his services and to pay GMAC.

Now regarding your post did you receive any money from the Attorney to pay GMAC?

Not knowing all the details you might have another case against your lawyer for faulty representation. How much money if any was given to GMAC and by whom?

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He paid 54% of the settlement amount from the insurance company to GMAC and kept the rest.

He settled for exactly the amount requested by GMAC he claimed he couldn't get more, but I asked him to get GMAC to agree to the amount that would be left after his fees.

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Do you think I should try being nice first or being mean.

I found proof of all work done on this van by GM, including a melted wire harnest (which is prob the cause of the burning of the van) & something with the fuel injection and some other stuff that was recalled.

I also found the fire department report which contributes the fire to a mechanical failure - melted plastic - engine fire.

No human causes of fire, blah, blah, blah.

Also a letter from GMAC trying to charge me 900 dollars for insurance on the van a month and a half alfter it burned down. LOL I should have took it and reported it later.

I can write a good will letter and send him all the info or just not come nicely at all.


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Area of Origin 83- engine area, running gear, wheel area

cause of ignition U cause undetermined

contribution to - 20 mechanical failure, malfunction


The last repair was less then 5 months before the fire and it states:

"Found connector C198 Melted. Neccessary to By-pass C198. Performed AVR test, Alternator oup-put ok, battery failed load test (bad cell) test code 503PC-qw. Replaced battery"

Now that I look at that, that by passing might be something too, they might have put my and my children's lives in danger.

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