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o.K. This smells of scam from a 1000 miles away, but I have already spoken to 2 seperate local attorney's that are in the "network Work group" of attorney for this company which both of them do work for reputable local firms...

These Attorney's state that this process is legitimate and legal, but that it is not a magic cure to solve credit problems and it does not wipe away the damage to your credit as a person goes through the process. What it does do is eliminate Unsecured Credit and protect one from, legal and recorded judgements....They also went on to say that it works in all 50 states and there are lawyers in all 50 states that use this technique....The Caveat is that you still need to Remove the negative marks from your credit that are going to be put there while using this method...

I don't Know it just does not seem Legit...I mean it goes against everything that I have ever known about money and debt and paying your bills....

If this is Legit and Everyone did this this would wreck the economy or completely change the Banking and credit card industry....

Anyone have any documented proof of the Illegitimacy of this process atat this site duprocess.org...?

I have already Found this article making a clear case against the legitimacy....



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