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Question about a charge off....


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I have an account that was charged off by Les Schwab Tire Center back in 1999, I paid the account in full-in 1999 to the collection agency. They since been are under investigation for fraud for not reporting the payments to the OC. So les schwab has it as a charge off.

I DV'd this in November, after I DV'd it my fico dropped. I check my Credit report and the last activity date is July 1999, my report shows "OK/Unknown" from 12/2003-12/2004 then from Jan 2005-Oct 2005 It shows "BAD DEBT/COLLECTION" and then from November 2005 on its back to "OK/Unknown"

How could the status of the account change to bad debt collection if the last activity is July 99? And the description says "charged off", so why would my report say collection?

Any advice on what I could do to change this is appreciated.


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