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Man what are these CRA's doing..my report is all funky

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I just pulled my reports for the first time in about 6 months at least, and my Equifax file has 2 of each of my Lines, it seems to be helping the FAKO though, I pulled it through privacy guard, so I am 688 there, but then my TU and my EX seem to be doing better as well, for some odd reason, a CO i disputed many times before and wrote letters to the actually company (a dentist) has finally fallen off. The only neg added recently was a collection from PG&E for $379, I talked with them when I recieved a letter 3 months ago and I know it hadnt yet hit my reports. This debt was from my old roomates never closing out my name, I hadnt lived there since 2001 and apparently the gas company didnt recieve payment for 6 months while no one was living there, and they kept service..They tell me, well we usually shut service off it must have slipped through the cracks... Now they are screwing me...Thats fine though, I am pretty handy at dealing with collectors now anyway. But still with this new CO showing up, my other 2 scores are still at 670 on the FAKO. So I must be so close to 700. Anyway, just wanted to post, maybe some others out there had the same thing happen and have some input.

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My experience with PG&E.

1) Pay them.

2) Make sure you get a FULL statement. Calculate the true DOFD.

3) Notice how they are reporting an INCORRECT date of first delinquency.

4) When the paid chargeoff posts, get hard copies of all your CRs and dispute them in writing to each of the CRAs and to PG&E.

5) Repeat #4.

6) When you still have no satisfaction and the DOFD is still wrong (because they will be reporting the chargeoff date instead of the true DOFD), then you can send an ITS.

7) You'll probably get a call from one of their legal staff. If you speak passionately and invoke your FCRA rights and browbeat them about their poor reporting, he may be befuddled enough to delete.

(It took four months and three phone calls in my case)

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Thanks for your detailed strategy, I do see possible success in this, now the down side is, I have 10 months left on my lease. I have successfully gotten all but a couple negs off my report with the education from this site. I plan on buying a home when this time is up. This CO just hit my report last month. So it very new. My first plan of action is to contact them and agree to pay, but give my real story. And hope for deletion with their payment. I have had success with this tactic many times, and is fair in many cases in my opinion. I cannot allow them to move it to another CO and then leave the orignal creditor on my report as a neg as well. This also happens to some, especially with CC's, the OC will report the CO and then the CA will also report it. I am not sure if this will happen with PG&E, a likely move for their first few months of collection practice would be to outsource the Collection process to a company they normally work with, this company may not even report and just may be working for them. So negotiating with them will be out because they will not have authority to pay for delete.

I am a little mad about this one though, but I am partly to blame, it was left in my name when I left and I didnt follow through to make sure it was cancelled, but the fact they kept billing for 6 months after no one payed the bill is just wrong. Then I got a letter only in October and its already on my report. So I will go back to work. I trust the process and thats all I can do at this point. It is actually really amazing the success you can have at this when you really commit to getting results. I am knocking on the door of 700 even with this new CO.

Again thanks for the advice. I will have to pull a FICO to find the actually CO date and DOFD. It is not a chargeoff yet though.

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