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Validation from OC, or assignee?


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Before I discovered this beautiful website, and the sample letters therein, I sent a certified letter to an attorney representing a CA, and the OC.

I clearly asked for validation of the debt.

I received an account statement (not itemized).

But the statement didn't come from the OC, it came from the assignee of another agency, an assignee of the OC.

It contained the assignee's name and address, and it was apparently a copy that the attorney had in his office, unless it was faxed.

I don't have a copy of the contract, so I do not know if I have any obligations to the assignees.

Is "validation" from the assignee a valid validation, or must valid validation come from the OC in order to have any validitiy?

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Verification is provided to the CA by the creditor and forwarded to the consumer.

Verification coming directly from the OC is not correct.

Verification coming from the CAs files is not correct.

If what you were sent does not prove that the actual creditor was contacted, they failed the test.

I take it you are dealing with a JDB now and not a CA?

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