Who is 440-001-9212?

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They spoofed your caller ID. There are many companies that do that. I wonder if the court will rule that this is a refusal to identify under the FDCPA?

Yeah a lot of CREDIT related companies do this. I got a loan with Countrywide on one of my homes and the credit agency they use in Texas called me several times from numbers like 1-800-000-000 or 001-001-0001.

But usually companies who employ a large # of people or have several hundred phone lines usually block the # or "spoof it" so they dont have people returning calls to specific lines.

So in short, a number may show up normall, it may be "blocked" (achieved by pushing *67 before placing a call, showing as either blocked or private caller, or "spoofed" usually done by hospitals, large corporations, etc.

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