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WHO PULLS YOUR CREDIT? (starting a new resource)

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Another "biggie" topic is who pulls from what CRA...

if you PM me with the card(s) you applied for, what they pulled, your FICO at the time and your state. If you can add whether you were accepted or declined, that would be great.

I'll then post that compiled list here for reference.

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Updated: April 4, 2006


AMEX Delta Gold: EQ (Reported FICO score: 691) Approved $6500

BofA: No Pull $3000 Approved

Chevron: EQ (Reported FICO score: 691) Approved $400




Capital One Auto: EX

Capital One Bank: EX

Chevron: EQ

Citgo/CITI: EX


Diamond Shamrock Oil & Gas: EQ

Hooters Card: TU

Household: EX

Juniper: TU and EXP

Kanes Furniture: EQ (not considered BK friendly by reporting member)

Mobil/MBGA: EQ

Patelco: EX

People First Financial: EX

Retailer's National Bank: EQ

Target: EQ

Valero Gas: EQ


Merril Lynch Visa: EX (Reported FICO 805) approved $3900 limit

Washington Mutual MC: EX (Reported FICO 805) apporved $500 limit

Advanta Bus Visa: TU (Reported FICO 708, 2 c/o 1 collection) declined

Citi Mastercard (Upromise): TU (Reported FICO 708) approved $2000 limit

New York:

Cap1 Platinum: Pulled all three: EX: 588, TU: 527, & EQ: 618

Chase: TU

Discover: TU

Juniper: TU

Kay Jeweler: EX (Reported FICO score: 656 w/ 1 pd. collection)

Providian: TU

Target: EQ (Reported FICO score: 663 w/ 1pd. collection, no other negatives)

Union Plus: EQ

North Carolina:

Chevron: EQ (Reported FICO score: 640)

Capital One: TU

Merrick Bank: TU

Wal-Mart/GEMB: EQ (Reported FICO score: 640)

Target: EQ (Reported FICO Score: 640)


Discover: EX (Reported FICO score: 675) approved $2000 limit

WaMu: EX (Reported FICO score: 675) declined

AMEX: EX (Reported FICO score: 675) declined


Carnival Sea Miles: TU (Reported FICO score: 624) approved (instant) $750


First Premier: TU (Reported FICO Score: 650) Awaiting Response

Applied Card Bank: EX (Reported FICO Score: 520) Approved

HSBC: EX (Reported FICO Score: 550) Declined

BoA: EQ (Reported FICO Score: 550) Declined


Household: EQ (Reported FICO Scores: upper 400's) Approved $300

Orchard: EQ (Reported FICO Scores: upper 400's) Approved $300

American Express Blue: TU, EQ (Reported FICO Scores: TU -upper 600's, EQ -lower 600's) Approved $2,000

American Express Clear: TU, EQ (Reported FICO Scores: TU -upper 600's, EQ -lower 600's) Declined.

Chase Freedom (CLI - current limit: $3,000): EX (Reported FICO Scores: 624) Declined.

David McDavid Honda: TU (Reported FICO Scores: 768) Approved, no amount given.

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Uh, delete this if it is inappropriate for me to post it here, but this seems like a really good resource.

What do you think of the idea of adding which CRA each is reporting to, too? For example, my DH needs a card that checks EQ or EX but reports to (at least) TransUnion (of course the others in addition to would be good as well!)

Too much work? Opinions?

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I can offer expert opinion on Allstate Insurance. I can tell you that they pull from TU only and it is done as a soft pull.

Incidentally, for those that are curious, your Allstate agent/representative doesn't see your actual report or even a FICO score. He/she will only be able to view what is referred to as an IS (insurance score). In most states, this score is between 1 and 5, with 1 being the most favorable and 5 the least.

My business is dependent on finding lots of 1s, 2s, 3s, etc. and it is difficult to earn a 4 or 5's business as the rates are higher and the down payment requirements keep many prospective clients searching for another carrier.

For those who have a PEMCO in their area/market, they use an actual BEACON score. I believe my recent credit report clean-up obsession led me to a link that stated a BEACON score is from Experian only.....maybe it was Equifax..........anyway, one of those two.

Additionallly, in WA state at least, the insurance company cannot perform periodical inquiries on your credit report after the initial report is pulled to obtain your score. (This was changed within the last 2 years)

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Creditor .................CRA...Score.....Result and Reason

Amex ................... ..Eq.....755......Denied delinquent account 13 yrs

Patelco ....................Ex.....712......Denied 1 Co and 1 unpaid collection

Citi .........................TU.....687......Denied I unpaid Collection, 2 CO, 2 paid

Target......................TU.....687......Approved $500 (same as above)

HSBC household..........EX.....711 ......Approved $3000 I CO,1 Unpaid

HSBC Dscvr Drct Rwrds EX.....711......Approved $3000 1 CO, 1 unpaid

Hooters .................. ..TU.....637......Approved $500

Credit one bank............EX.....N/A.......Approved $350

Aplied card bank...........EX.....N/A........Approved $500

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I've put the date ranges and the number of times pulled (ie 1x, 2x, etc) b/c a few CCs would switch the CRA they pulled from.



BOA-6/06-12/06 3x

Amex-10/06 1x(for Clear)

Discover-1/06-9/06 3x

WAMU-6/06 1x


USAA-6/06-12/06 3x

CITI-5/06-12/06 5x

AMEX-12/05-6/06 2x(for Blue and Green)

HSBC-5/06-9/06 3X

BOA-5/06 1X

Chase Bill Me Later-3/06 1x

First USA-6/06 1x

Wachovia- 9/06-12/06 2x

Advanta- 12/06 1x


Barclays Bank- 9/06 1x

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AMEX - Pulled all 3. I am guessing because there was not enough info on the first 2. Order went EQ, TU, EX all within 5 days. Talked to reconsiderations rep who advised the minimum you need is 6 months credit and must not have any derogs whatsoever, regardless of amount or credit score.

Rep advised me that basically you need a 700+ credit score and 0 derogs for an instant approval. If your credit score is lower, they will manually review and to be approved manually you must have no derogs, chargeoffs or public records and at least 12 months good history on at least 2 TL's.

I've noticed you have a much better chance of approval if you call the reconsiderations department after declination, as they can usually tell you minimum requirements.

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to be approved manually you must have no derogs, chargeoffs or public records and at least 12 months good history on at least 2 TL's.

Not true. I had six chargeoffs on my report when they gave me my first card. I do agree with the 12 months of good history though (at the bare minimum). I had only crap one w/ an excellent 1.5 yr history. It had only a $400 limit.

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It seems like all the department stores use GE Money Bank. I cannot get approved with them as they usually pull EQ. Just trying to get a department store. The only one I have is Target Red Card.

Have you tried cards that are housed by World Financial Network National Bank (WFNNB)? They generally use your EX Plus score.

Newport News


Victoria's Secret

Ann Taylor Loft

NY & Co.

Lane Bryant

J. Crew

Eddie Bauer

Dress Barn


Abercrombie & Fitch


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Thanks for the info. I tried EXpress but got the usual message. They will let me know in 7-10 days. That usually means NO. My best report is TU but I can't seem to find anybody that uses TU.

Not always true as you said. I got this message on a Target card and I got one in the mail with a 200.00 limit. LOL!

It's just sitting there. I probably will never use it except to make a 20.00 purchase and then pay it off......:cool:

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