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I had an Amex account that went into collections a few months ago. Nationwide sent me dunning letter and kept calling and thretening me even after I DV'd them.

About 30 days later I called equifax to have them remove the listing as the CA couldn't furninsh proof that I was the debtor. The investigation came back "verified". This was about a week ago. Also I got a letter from nationwide about a week ago offering me different flexable ways to pay off "my debt".

I just got a equifax credit watch gold alert that says the account is now a "Paid Collections" and the balance is now 0$. I didn't even pay the account off. ??

I was wondering how this could happen since the initial investigation came back verified? I find it weird that I hardly did anything to get it to a zero balance and a "paid" status. Did my dispute with the CRA have anything to do with it or did Amex and/or Nationwide give up on trying to collect?

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