CG Services?

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I was wondering if anyone has ever delt with CG Services and what are their experiences with them?

A rep from that company has been calling me every 2 weeks after I initially spoke with him on the phone (this was while I was new to this board).

Basically in every message he's leaving he asks "why don't I have the common and professional courtesy (lol) to call him back" and he twice said If I don't call him back by a certain date then the situation will end up in court. Well that date passed and he's still calling. Anyways, I thought about calling him back and saying "professional courtsey isn't threatening legal action on the phone when you don't intend on doing so" and hanging up. I know that's not a particularly good or smart move, but would they do anything if I did that?

I hate phones, people think they act however they want to you but won't do it to your face. Sorry for my rant.

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