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Circuit City Visa account, formerly FNANB now currently Chase. I have a 1x30 with them, only blemish on my report. Trying to get it cleared up.

I had a service on auto-pay for $19.95 a month on this account, thought it was pretty silly to continue making a payment for just this one charge, so requested it be moved to my ATM/Checking Visa card.

I disregarded the account thereafter, but found out that they didnt move it to my ATM card and were still billing me to this old chase card.

Later about 60 days after, I found out that it was counted as a 1x30 when i checked my credit. I filled out a dispute form and sent it to the dispute department and I also sent out a goodwill letter to a CEO that i found the name/address to.

I got a response from my goodwill letter and says that Chase is required by Fair Report Act to report only correct information and cannot delete the negative reporting.

Where do I go from here?

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