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Want 0 replies to your post? Ways to guarantee it.


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Some people complain that no one answers their questions. Here are reasons why:

1. Your post title is not specific.


    a. Newbie has a Question!
    b. Please Help!

The above examples give people no idea what the topic is about and will not attract the right people with the right knowledge. Even if your question is detailed, no one will click on your post to even read it.

2. Your question is really vague:


    a. How do I fix my credit?
    b. I DV'd a collection agency and they didn't respond. Now what?

The above examples clearly show that you've failed to even attempt to read through either the creditinfocenter website or do a search on the posts. You need to ask an informed question to rally 'round the troops.

3. Whining


    a. Everyone else has gotten answers - why not me?

Hey - we're here to help, and no one is getting paid for this. It could be that your question is too vague or - congratuations - you've stumped the panel. If your post is not getting a response, add more detail, or to bring it back to the top, you can "bump" it. Just hit the reply button and type "bump". This is common practise.

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I might add one thing here. I find it extremely difficult to slog thru posts that are basically 1 long run-on sentence, is typed in all caps, is completely lacking in punctuation or worse - no paragraphs. There are many times I have simply clicked off because it's just too difficult to read thru it.

I realize not everyone got an "A" in English, but most people should be able to break their tales into paragraphs, put in comma's and periods, and write a proper sentence -ie. not all caps and not all lowercase. What really gets me is sentences typed like this "I Just Don't Know What To Do, Somebody Help Me".. aaggghghhhhhh :shock: The readability of this is horrible.

If it's going to be a real chore for me to read a story and try to figure out what is needed in answer, I'm more inclined NOT to answer at all .. sorry folks.

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More tips:

Also, I know that there are a few things that limit my replies:

1. Be thorough in your explaination, but try to keep it as short as possible. If I have to page down more than once to read a single post, I often don't have the attention span for it. This thread is a good example of that:


2. If you ask a question that is answered in the stickies, especially if it has been answered more than once in the stickies, we will not reply. Not even if PM'ed or emailed. If you don't have enough motivation to at least TRY to help yourself, we won't spoon feed you.

Here is a link to other tips from DocDon:


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I would add to limit your questions within a single thread. Dont ask for help in solving every problem you have in one post. Break them up. A lot of us have expertise in some areas but not all. If your single post covers many areas, best to split it up so the experts in those areas can get the answers you need. Be short, quick, and to the point while giving the pertinent details.

Also-recognize the different forums when posting and post in the appropriate areas.

(sorry if this is listed in the other threads mentioned)


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