judgment without a trial

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Had a judgment without a hearing. Judge granted judgment without notice, without motion, without hearing. Need to file some kind of response, can you advise?

Also, how can I protect my assets? What do they usually try to take? Do they take furniture and household items? Both cars are financed, no property other than homestead exempt house. What do they do from here?

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Went to court and pulled the affidavit that the attorney filed without giving me notice as required by FL Civil Process Rule 1.080... the affidavit said that I made a 500 dollar payment after the civil suit had been filed. That is an outright lie. I have paid them nothing. They filed that affidavit to make my validation request null and void. When the judge saw that payment had been made since the suit was filed, he immediately issued a judgment against me. Also, I thought I had 20 days to file a response to an affidavit, can anyone advised me on that. The affidavit was filed (without noticing me) only 12 days before the order was issued by the judge. And he signed the order on a Sunday??? Is that legal?

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You should really consider filing an order to show cause and request to stay the writ of restition( which means to put hold on the judgement, until such alleged payment which they claim that you made is proven in accord of law) as well as your counter claims for fraud, libel per se, slander of title, and the unevitable ABUSE OF PROCESS, hence the company knowingly and willfulyy commits this.

All you have to do appear before the small claims again ask the judge that they are fraud and ask the BOZOS kindly prove their claims of payment.

I assume such action of theirs is fraud, and therefore I would really consult an consumer credit attorney, which can file a "notice of removal" so that you can punish this bozos for violations of FCRA and FDCPA and statue of fraud, and get the jury impose serious punitive damages, for fraud., libel per se, slander of your title and of coaurse ABUSING PROCESS,

They are really in deep crap.

Wow, I am astonished by this people, please p.m. me if you need further help.


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