Reporting Bankruptcy after CC "account closed"

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I filed Chptr 7 in Oct 2005, successfully discharged Jan 2006, and I disputed one CC account that continued reporting bads after Jan 2006. In April 2006, TU (the only CB I started disputing with) deleted that one CC account. Now that I look at the updated CR from TU dated April 2006, I see that many other CC accounts are reporting my account as "closed" in September 2005, and then they also report my account as "Chapter 7 filed in October 2005". If my account was "closed" in September 2005, how can those CC also report my account as "Chapter 7 Bankruptcy" which occurred one month after my account was closed? Appears that after my Ch 7 was discharged in Jan 2006, many CC accounts retroactively changed my account to "closed" and dated it prior to my initial BK filing. Is that "closed" status grounds to dispute if I have other credit reports that show the account was open\being reported negatively during\after the month I filed BK in Oct 2005? Thank you.

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