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Just a suggestion, but have you tried to access your account online at wamu.com? I was in default and went there to snoop around and when I pulled up my acct. it took me to a "canhelp" page where a settlement offer was waiting. They let me make 4 payments, too.

I sent them a letter (and they tried to call me) but they refused to send anything in writing. However, I do have them recorded promising me a paid in full status and removal from CRA so I hope they'll keep their word... :please:

it's worth a shot --

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EarthAngel is absolutely right -- they're chromosomes!

I used to think they were quite beautiful, representing to me the miracle of life. But everyone has reminded me that, once again, those small things I hold so dear are in reality just lumps o' dung.

Oh, well....they used to bring a small bit of joy into this void of loneliness and abandonment I call my existence...

but now when I look at them, all I see is dog dukie.

Little hot, steamin' dog dukies

They litter my path as pain has littered my life..

Thanks for wising me up Doc...I was foolish to allow hope to grow...


Hey! Thanks for ganging up on the new guy! And DocDon --quit crappin' on my Avatar ....

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