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Washington Mutual just approved me for a $1,500 credit card. 0% interest until Jan 2007, then 9.99%. They pulled exclusively Trans Union in DE and my score was 648 with significant lates (90 +), but over 9 months ago. Also had a nasty “foreclosure initiated” derogatory, but that never happened - I was able to make good before then.

MY POINT – I started this process over a year ago when my TU was 495 and I was a credit nightmare. Yesterday, I got my approval letter and card. I can’t explain how good it feels to have credit again like everyone else. I almost want to cry I am so happy.

Hang in there to everybody who is just starting or working on your credit. It will happen for you! You may have to build back up again like me, but listen to the people on this site. They know what they are talking about. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to help or comment. We are all trying to make our lives a little better.

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