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Please help w/case. Atty issues, everything is going bad....

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My case is going down hill..... History:

I filed a case agst TU & Nissan for reporting inaccurate information because Nissan chgd my payment history 8 times on CR from OK to 30 & 60 days late. Well, Nissan settled out and I dismissed that case. Now there is TU...they answer to my claim. While in beginning stages of case, TU has reinserted 2 deleted accounts ( 1 acct I provided a ltr from the Pres to delete, the other was deleted I guess because they did not respond w/in the time frame). They are also reaging another acct. It was schdled to come off 4/07 now it is 7/07. Funny all this is happening since I have been shopping for mortgages.

Well since this stuff I file a Dismissal w/o prejudice. Now Im looking for a atty and everyone in ATLAnta, ga says they can't help. So now I have dismiss the case to file in federal but can't get a atty.

One atty told me since Nissan agreed to delete they I should drop w/TU. He said I don't have a case because they get their info from Nissan and basically they are not liable for reporting. i told him they are bond by the FCRA such as Nissan and when i disputed the payment history and provided other reports to should how Nissan chgd my payment history they should have asked them to show proof of my payment history changing or delete, but they did not.

He then said he will look at the reaging, reinsertion but will not touch the Nissan thing.

Do I have a case about the Nissan account w/TU? I have no records of my own about my payment to Nissan but only the CR they (Nissan) chgd. I have supoena TU for my records but not recevied them yet.

So should I wait until i get my records from TU to see if they reasonably investigated my disputes, then make a determination about a case on that?

Also amend my claim to reaging, reinsertion?

Lastly, if they have a letter to delete why should they wait the entire 30 days to investigate? This process to me is just lingering out because they see me shopping for a mortgage.

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