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Is Asset a CA or a JDB?

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Hopefully your DV letter will give you some clues on exactly what is going on--chances are it will take more DV letters to get a more exact answer.

There is the OC--the party the alleged debt is with.

Asset could be collecting for the OC---odds are at least 99 to 1 that the OC no longer owns the alleged debt and Asset now claims to own it.

If the OC no longer owns the debt, can Asset still go back to the OC and obtain records? In Assets case, the most probable answer is no.

But all those questions are critical in formulating a next responce. Naturally Asset will be as deceptive as possible. Your job is to get answers in the DV process. Your other weapon is to let Asset know that you know your rights and are using them.

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Check your credit reports and look for:

1. the OC info should show a $0 balance and likely says a charge off and sold/transferred if they sold it

2. the JDB info may not tell the real truth

Remember, if you get sued, raise the question of assignment--ask to see the agreement they have showing they are collecting in collaboration with the OC. If they admit they own the debt, ask to see the amount they paid etc,,, you have the right to ask for those things and they will help in your defense.

I say this just in case you get sued, so many people don't know that they can ask for this info and if the JDB knows you will ask for it in discovery, it will likely make them drop the suit....this happened to me, they (Palisades) sent statements to me (after almost a year of not sending validation) right before the trial, along with a letter saying they'd settle with me for half of what they were suing me for which was about $6K. I refused, and said I wanted to talk to the judge, they dropped the suit against me the day before the trial. By the way, they were supposed to send discovery including the proof of assignment etc... and never did. From what I hear, they are afraid to air their dirty laundry to the public record a trial would create.

By the way, Palisades sued me again for less than 2400, this time using a different scum law firm--and I filed my $6K countersuit against them for FDCPA/FCRA violations today. I will let you guys know what happened.

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