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So I sued a law firm...

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I recently filed suit against a law firm in small-claims for $3000. They want to settle, but before I accept, I have a question to ask our legal experts:

If a law firm representing a collection agency pulls your credit report, but the collection agency they represent is not licensed to collect in your state (in my case Minnesota where their license expired in 2003), is that a possible FCRA violation (PP maybe?), being the law firm already knew their client was unlicensed to collect?

Thanks guys.

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I'm not a legal expert but I ran into that problem, too. Here is the thread:


DocDon replied:

>>This is what I found for Nevada:

Exemption for out-of-state collectors: Out-of-state collectors are exempt if [1] collecting by interstate means (phone, fax, mail); and [2] collecting for an out-of-state client.

A lot of states are like this. Michigan goes as far to say they can collect without a license if they have no clients in the state - as if that information is easily obtainable... <<


Why is the law firm trying to settle with you? Best of luck!

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