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OMG!! My New FICO Score!


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I am so happy and I cannot believe it!! I just purchased my score and I made it to the 700 club on my Equifax report! My score is 703 - Finally! :) I have worked so hard on my reports this past year!

Thank you to everyone who has helped me and answered my questions!

Thank God for this wonderful site! - Thank you, Kristy! I found it by accident a year ago. I almost paid about $1,400 to have a credit repair company work on it but when I was ready to do it, I called them and found out they went out of business. So I'm sure I would have lost my money.

Before I found this site, I never thought I would have been able to fix it and remove 16 negative items. My last negative was finally removed from Equifax this week. Now I just have two items left between TU and Exper, and hopefully I can get them removed in the next 60 days.

honeycomb :)

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