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Objection of Hearing letter.

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Quick question.

After conversation with Z&A last Friday I was informed of a court filing, and they were waiting on papers from the Court.

Following this conversation I decided to research what the court actually had.

The Court informed me, by phone, of a hearing scheduled for May 19th, this Friday. I was informed, by the Court, that I could object to the hearing or object to the Summary Judgment.

I have searched for a "template" to these types of objections and found none.

Any help would be appreciated.

At what, if any point, would I have recieved notice of this hearing. Or it is it by pure luck, and research I found out about it?

Should I have recieved any notification from the Court or Plaintiff?

If not what, if any, are the violations or legal options?

Edit; Sorry I did find some info to objection on board.

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Sorry about the lack of info. Z&A are suing me for 4500 for a debt with Amer. Ex. I received summons in November and answered it promptly. I had not heard anything from court or Zwicker until April when I received a Request for Summary Judgement from the plaintiff in the mail. They also called me several times to settle.

Last week after a followup call to the court I found that a hearing date was set for Summary Judgement as noted in first post. With the help of the clerk, She suggested that I write an objection to hearing which I did.

Yesterday I received notice of a new hearing date in which the plaintiff and I can appear. I think it will only pertain to the Motion for Summary Judgement entered by Z&A.

Finally my question...Is there any preparation I should do before this hearing. Is it the same as a trial or will it be merely a discussion with the Judge. I still haven't heard anything about discovery. I did file a motion to compel discovery, but this was right before I found out about this hearing and a copy wasn't sent to Z&A. Discovery Period in Texas is up until 30 days before trial date. More than likely they do have a case against me, but since this account has been with so many different operations, I'm just not sure of their claim. They have made some minor violations, but my proof would only be hearsay. Another option is to just settle with them before the hearing. They are calling again and I assume that is the reason.

Any advise would be helpful.

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