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Equifax Reponse?


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I just recieved a reponse to a dispute from Equifax and it reads:

We have researched the credit account. Account#XXXXXXXX* The results are: This creditor is currently reporting a zero balance for this account.

This is the same reponse for three diffent disputed accounts? It states on the actual report that a reinvestigationiis still in progress. Does this mean they are further investigating or is this settled? I am not happy with the response as it still shows a CO?

What should I do Next?

Thank you in advance!!

Lyle :oops:

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The person who receives your dispute at the CRA will transcribe your request onto a form, basically checking a box beside a preselected dispute that the CRA rep believes most closely matches your dispute. They will then forward to CA, who will then verify the accuracy of the checked category. Very heavily weighted against the consumer, the disputes often come back verified for some reason that you weren't even disputing. You'll notice that the preselected disputes can be easily verified by the CA even if other information is totally incorrect.

If filing a dispute online, I have found that it is best to check "other" as your reason, and record an entry in the text box describing your reason.

You'll need to experiment with verbage that gets the desired results. Most people who are interpreting this will be doing so from a desk in New Delhi or someplace like that. I always try to formulate my comment in such a way that the CA will be forced into a blatant lie if they verify to the CRA based on my dispute reason. Result = MANY MANY DELETES.

My reports and scores were TERRIBLE, but I would estimate that I got around 20 to 24 deletes using this strategy. What you'll wind up with on your report is the legitimate accounts or the hard-a$$ CA's who will lie to the end, basically daring you to sue. I don't ask for something legitimate to be removed, just that it be 100% correct. Good Luck

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