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Settlement question...


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I am in the process of setting a Chase MC balance 10,000+ with Beltzer Law Firm. They sent me an email today stating the following:

We Belzer Law Office agree to settle the Chase account XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (acct number)...by

XXXX XXXXXXX (my full name).

The settlement is $3,500.00 due today by check over the phone...That will

close out the account showing settled in full.

Thank You


Today was the first time that I spoke with them or had any contact. This is obviously a good offer, 3500 on a 10,000 debt. However, is this agreement legal/binding since it was sent by email? Can the balance be sold to a junk debt buyer?

Thanks in advance!

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Norman- I don't know if giving them a ck over the phone is a good idea... Once they take the $$ from you they're probably not going to cooporate with you.. Why such deadline of today??

If you haven't read this you might want to on settling debts:


I think it'll be wiser for you to get everything in writing from them before you even consider writing them a check! It might save you a lot of headaches down the road.

Here's another interesting post on writing settlement letters to CAs to avoid them re-selling your balance to other CA companies.


Norman-do some reading and follow these ideas... I would hate to see you post again down the road w/some problem relating to this.

Good Luck!

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