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Burden of Proof??

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Im just curious. I was talking with another that was suing a collection agency, He claims a collection agency is saying that they did :shock: report any debt to a credit bureau. the CA claims that the Credit bureau got it wrong and that the information they sent the cbs was in a code to , not report on their his credit report.

He has a copy of the credit report that shows the name a address of this sorry ca. :x:evil:

The question is, if a ca makes a claim that the cbs made a mistake, and it is on his credit report,

(even though im sure the cbs do make mistakes, but this ca should not have sent the info in the first place seeing they found out it was already paid a month BEFORE they sent the info to the cb) :shock:

Does the ca have to prove that it was the cbs mistake and not theirs :?: . Because the cbs are claiming this was the ca's fault, seing they never should have got this info in the first place and that this 'code' to 'not report on the credit reprot' they are talking about was never sent to them. :?:

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It is not an actionable violation to report erroneous information to a CR. It is a violation to improperly investigate. If you take the letter you get from the CRA that reads the "furnisher has verified that the item is reporting correctly," the burden of proof is on them to show that the CRA made the error.

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