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Anyone delt with Hugh Shafritz / F.A. Management Solutions?

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I just got a dunning letter from Hugh Shafritz on a $5000 debt. He is offering to settle for $1000 or take payments on the $5000 (how thoughtful)

This guy called he a few months ago and left a meesage to call him long distance at my expense. He just sent a letter now without the mini-miranda.

(I did not keep a recording or record of the phone call, it was before I found this site)

I have read this guy is a real bottom feeder and likes to file on time-barred debts in small claims court. I am about to send him a DV letter but I am going to guess he will try to say I did not sent it within 30 days.

(I am thinking he will probably claim he sent a letter but I did not reply)

This debt is beyond the SOL by a few months. It is a 5 year old CC debt, I am in Florida. I am trying to figure out if I should just do the one/two punch thing or if I need to do more.

Any thoughts?

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