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What is my next step, everything was verified


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I’ve been reading through the forum for long time, i disputed all my negative items but they were all "verified" by CRA's

Here is my situation:

1- AMEX charge off, paid for less than the original amount "Verified"

2- CITYCARD late 30, 60,120 "Verified"

3-EMERGE CARD was late 30, 60,120 "Verified"

4- BESTBUY was late 30 "Verified"

5- Collection for medical bill $190(Paid) was "verified"

I have two questions to ask:

What is my next step?

-the medical bill was for my minor son and because the hospital have my info they put it under my SSN how can i remove it?

-I called and sent a goodwill letter to AMEX to remove the charge off but they refused has anybody fixed a charge off with them before?

Anybody can advice me what to do for each item? I need your help.

Thank you

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