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Asta Funding/Palisades--look at this

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Hi guys,

I was checking out stuff on Palisades Collections, who is a subsidiary of Asta Funding. I was looking in the Resource section of this board and clicked on Registered Agents and clicked the link for my state. I put in Palisades and it said it wasn't listed. So I tried Asta Funding and it came up. It has the Palisades Collections address. It says:

This Business Entity is not eligible to receive a Certificate of Existence/Authorization.

I then went to status and it said revoked. It says they were revoked since 2002.

In my state of IN, to collect they have to be licensed and bonded. Does this mean they aren't? They have sued me, I have countersued for more than 3 x's of what their suit against me is for (FDCPA/FCRA violations galore). No where does it list Palisades as a fictious name or other name they are doing business as, but they sued me as Palisades. I am pretty sure my state makes them pay I think $5K for each office.

Any comments are appreciated.

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Palisades Collections, LLC did come up when I checked today using the spelling as shown here and that also has been revoked.

This scum bag JDB may be trying to pull a fast one--I suggest everyone being bothered by these losers (e/g lawsuits) visit the Resource section of this site and click your state's link to check their status. I know in my state if a collection agency is not licensed and bonded the most collection activity they are allowed to do is limited to mail or phone calls.

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