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Removing Other Items From CRA's


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I am in the process of getting items removed. We have had some luck. DV letters seem to work but have not gotten all responces back. My Goal is to get the big hits off a BK from last year and a Paid tax lien. I also turned in two cars they are reporting repo. I have some letter I sent and if they work I will share with you all. One repo was deleted from TU, still on Experian and equifax dragging their feet investagation not complete yet. I did not send certified mail. I am not trying to sue but any information on small claims would be helpful. How to file and the cost. Since my wife is sick and can't work. I need the cheepest way possible. I also know that I have had better luck around the holidays, in the summer looks like the CRA's have more help. My goal is to be in the 700 club by next year.

Thanks ycedy

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