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BofA Summons Questions

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I was looking through my summons today from BofA, there are no account numbers listed, and at the end of the summons is a page notifiying that:

This communication is for the purpose of collecting a debt, and any information obtained from the debtor will be used for that purpose.


I sent a letter replying disputing the debt... and the amounts... and have heard nothing back. Should I file a request for production of documents?

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You should have received a complaint with the summons. The complaint lists the allegations against you and will most likely contain more detailed info, such as account #, when opened, charged off, etc.

If this is indeed a lawsuit, you need to file an answer (assuming there was a complaint with the summons) prior to requesting discovery.

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It was delivered by the sheriff...

and there was a complaint... no account numbers though.

i cant believe I just noticed that.

I am sending a discovery request as well as writing a letter to the judge saying WTF is this and throw it out.

You do that and you'll most likely find yourself on the receiving end on a default judgment.

You need to first ANSWER the complaint. Do a search on this site. There's plenty of examples on how to file an answer.

Second, you need to find out your court's rules on discovery. Some courts don't allow discovery to begin until an answer is filed. Some not until a scheduling order is entered.

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