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Ok so here is what we are working with...


I think I have too many inquiries, BUT I can justify them to myself, I bought 4 houses last year... ?? I guess.

Also this is what the recommendations are...


1) Inquiries like I said, I bought 4 houses last year, that has a lot to do with it...

2) I am only 23, I have had credit since I was 18 but I made the mistake about 2 years ago and CLOSED all my accounts I wasnt using because I wasnt going to use them anymore... All good credit history stuff like mervyns, jc penny, circuit city... etc. THIS REALLY HURT ME, I basically started over when I was 21 because I erased all my good history!

3)I only have one 30 day late payment for Sept. 2005 and this was an error, It was a 19.95 charge that I disputed too late and have sent in good will letters and done as much as I could, but it looks like its not coming off... Chase Circuit City Card (formerly FNANB). I had about 2½ years good payment history on this one too and when they wouldnt fix it I made yet ANOTHER mistake and closed the account, ah!!!

4)See above, not open very long because I pretty much erased my old credit history by closing accounts.

5)See above also, pretty recent 1x30.

6)Not enough premium bank cards... not sure what I can do about this one? Maybe open up a personal loan and use the money from the loan to pay the loan back, not sure what is considered a premium loan...

Right now these are the accounts I have...

American Express Platinum - No Limit, I pay in full every month.

CitiBank Quicken Platinum - $15,000 limit, with about $10k balance

Home Depot $1500 - $300 balance

No auto loans out.

No personal loans out.

Then I have about $1.8million in real estate, $260k of which are HELOCS, and showing up as revolving debt on my report (GRRRRR) and bring my scores down.

Any advice, pointers, or suggestions??

Current Scores: TU: 656 EXP: 637 EQFX: 614

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