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How exactly, in detail, does this method work... and does it work with all credit card companies?

Let says I have someone who has a credit card they have 10 years worth of on-time payments, and they add me as an authorized user. I hear it transfers the account history over to my name as well?

Is that the case? Is that the case on only certian cards or companies?

Anyone wanna explain this in detail and if there are any other pros, as well as if any cons exist?

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When you are added as an authorized used it puts that trade line on your report, although I am not sure if it counts against your utilization or not, but if that person has been paying and in good standing it will boost your score :)

if you add someone on as an authorized user, make sure they are responsible enough to handle not charging up your card. :)

You can also do a search for Authorized User or AU (using the search function above) and will find it has been talked about lots.

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