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Just wanted to say 'thanks"!!!


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About 5 months ago I was hit with ID theft, unknown collections, personal boo-boos, and loss of an investment loan because of it. I freaked and felt lost. People directed me to Credit Repair services which would have cost me hundreds of dollars.

I'm a "do-it-yourself" guy so I searched the Net and found this board, and then began to read, and read, and read, and read .... and read some more.

Yes you have to tough it out in the beginning to absorb all the info, but college educated as I am, I just accepted the process as studying for a course in "Credit Repair 101." It took two weeks before I could post a knowlegable question.

5 months later I just received my last letter from OC that account will be deleted. EVERYTHING IS REPAIRED!!!

I followed the info and advice on the site, learned better as I went along, got the confidence I needed, and soon the process was no scarier than buying something from Walmart.

Thanks for the site. Great help! ... and thanks to everyone!

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