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Credit Report Confusion

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I hope you can help me I am seriously confused.. I have accounts that are past due.. however I notice on some of them the date of last activity and date of last payment is wrong.. I am disputing that

What date does the SOL kick in I would think it would be last date of payment (no activites were on any of my cards after that) and if an CA purchases the debt.. they start the clock sometimes a year later.. so does it fall off a year later as well?? And don't they have to proove the last payment was made.

I am sorry this is confusing. I have a card that the last payment was 9-03... the SOL in my state is 3 years... the credit reporting agency (experien.. says last activity in 12-2004 (NOT possible ) but my equifax has it right.. at 9-03.. however the collection agency that bought it now claims the account was "opened in 2005)..

so can they keep it on my report an extra few years since they have it now... (in short is it the CA also reported seven years from the date They listed it??

if thats the case how does it ever get removed?? HELP.. thanks!

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They have to report the correct chage of month and year. If they dont dispute with the CRA. The correct chage off date should be when the card originally went into default . The day the JDB got the account does not count. If the date is not corrected the the CRA can be held liable for reporting the incorrect date and can be sued. The feds or rather FTC state that the date can not be changed because it messes up the 7 year reporting date for tradeline drops. They will basically be " reaging" the account . make sure you are looking at the chage off date and not the date that they just updated the account

SOL depends on what your state considers a credit card to be . In my state ga sol is 4 years and credit cards are considered open accounts. Check your state laws. They have to play by your home rules. If definatly outside of SOL send a DV

Just becauful because from what I see sol for lawsuits would be 10/2006

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