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Sueing a Collection agency


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I remember reading in this forum that someone sued a Collection agency and won...

I plan on doing this but would like some advice...

I recieved a collection notice and missplaced it, I got a call from them and talked with the agent on the phone asking them to resend me the letter since I could not find it. This agent threatened me with legal action, as well as reporting me to the credit agency. I again ask nicely if they could resend me thier letter, and again this agent started yelling at me. I asked her to stop and when I asked to speak to a supervisor, she hung up on me. I called back 3 times and was hung up on before I could say anything. I found thier letter, and sent a DV letter to them that I got from thie web site. Telling them NOT to call me and that all correspondce needs to go through the mail. I sent the letter Certified mail receievd the receipt back, so I know they got the letter. I got a call today from them, they violated the Fair Credit Act, I have not recevied anyting from them yet to validate thier calm...

So I'm asking for help, can any laywer handle this case or should I get someone that deals with bankrupcy cases or what ??? ANy and all help is needed..


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Mark Willimann Esq

PO Box 91010

Tucson AZ 85752

(520) 579-6622

FAX (520) 203-0203 email mfwillimann@mfwlawoffice.com

Floyd W. Bybee, P.L.L.C.

2173 E. Warren Rd. #101

Tempe,AZ 85284


(480) 756-8822

(480) 756-8882

Hyung S. Choi, Esq.

Choi & Fabian

401 West Baseline Road, Suite 210

Tempe, AZ 85283

Tel: (480) 517-1400

Offices in Tempe and Flagstaff



The lawyer i actually used is on this link , so it's legit

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