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Did I mess this up by Calling?


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I have a situation I really need some quick guidance on..

I sent a dispute lttr (not mine) to EQ regarding 3 CO accts & 1 collection on 3/13 (CMRRR dated 3/19). I got a generic lttr req identifiable info on 4/4 and mailed it back w/the id & stuff on 4/5 (reg. mail :(). Because I had not heard frm them I resent the info (4/25) letting them know I had previously sent t/id & included it again.

On 4/27 I rec'vd another req for the id & stuff. I figured it got crossed in t/mail so I ignored it :(. The next day (4/28) I rec'vd my CR w/2 accts verified and 2 Reinvestigation in process (not sure why a reinvestigation).. my name was not corrected according to the id I sent.

So, today I called to find out why my name was still misspelled & what's the status of the accts in process. ..The gentleman advised me the accts were verified w/my name, addr & social on 4/25. I asked when were they going to let me know. He said "a report should have been mailed out the same day to 673... (address). I told him that was not my addr nor did I recv t/alleged CR.

I was furious & told him they dragging their feet and I will be filing a complaint. I hung up and search here for help. I guess since I want to get them to delete the accounts I'm in hurry to get help/resplies/answers fast....please 8]

PS. I sent t/OC's a req to verify on 3/15 (CMRRR) 1 has not responded and the other sent 3 statments of DOLA. They said their unable to locate my orig application because it was done either by phone or internet).

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I'm not sure I have an answer for you. I don't think you messed anything up...other that perhaps giving them another 15 days to investigate.

If...big if...a CRA is reporting an inaccurate name and/or address for you, I would bet their position is going to be that some creditor is reporting that to them under your SS#, and, therefore is the creditor that's at fault. I honestly don't know how to correct that, but I would keep calling until you get someone at the CRA to explain that to you.

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I'm wondering if they're at fault for:

CRA: not responding in time = they do have my correct addr because the CR was sent w/disputed info..which I rec'vd about a mnth ago

CRA: they did not update name = it was just a misspelling of my name & I have confirmation of receipt of my id being recv'd & with t/guy claiming he never rec'vd it... how did they really preform an investigation??

CRA: reinvestigation = I only disputed once & was getting ready to do a MOV lttr

OC: ignoring a req for verification

..I guess I gave them 15days w/the req of my id, but they're claiming they never received it. ..Did I give them 15days more today by calling??

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You do give them another 15 days when you call, IF the dispute is from your free report. If not, they get 30 days. NOT 45. Unfortunately personal information is the hardest to change because as long as someone is reporting it (incorrectly), the CRAs will not delete. They'll just tell you to call the OC and have them report correctly.

I wish I had better news for you. I have also been unable to get this stuff corrected. :(

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I have another question...

Can anyone tell me what's EQ confirmation # sequence?? When I called to ask the status of my investigation t/guy gave me a lower number than the one already recv'd.


CR Dated 4/22 = 61110*****

CR Dated 4/25 = 60860*****

I'm wondering if it's ramdom numbering or did they start over that soon??

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I'm not sure about their sequence #, but believe me, you will want to stay off the phone with CAs and CRAs. The only thing you will get is more upset, and you won't have anything to show for it. If do need to contact them, do so in writing. At least then you have something for your records.

Case in point is I disputed a CO with EQ which dropped my score 30 pts. Go figure why doing something within your rights drops your score, but anyway....the item was removed yet my score did not move back up! I was livid, and called them which only resulted in them telling me maybe something else was affecting it. I assured them nothing had changed except that account, which was now gone!

Anyway, a day later my score jumped 45 points due to the fact that I no longer had "negative items affecting my score". Who knows why it took a day for their scoring system to kick in, but it just proves the point. Forget calling, it will get you nowhere.



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