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Do I need to file a Continuance or Dismissal?

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I submitted a settlement offer to the OC Attorney and it was accepted. I filed the OC Attorney Settlement Acceptance letter with the court so that the judge will know that a settlement offer has been accepted. The OC Atty. stated in writing they will dismiss the case with prejudice once the last installment is received.

See my original posting:


Do I need to file a dismissal to make sure there is no further action in the case? I don't want the judge to rule for judgement when a settlement has been accepted.

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OK, the atty is the one who will usually file that. However, keep your eye on it. I was sued by a creditor in FL once. The initial hearing was an opportunity to settle it without actually going through the suit. The court received a motion that we had reached an agreement and that I would pay $xxx.xx for 3 months and upon the final payment the case would be dismissed.

They filed the dismissal and I received it in the mail weeks later. Just make sure all the i's are dotted and t's crossed.

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