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Judgment question

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Hello all, I am currently negotiating a debt that was verified. I am willing to pay "my" debt. The problem is, this CA is demanding I pay 7k for a 5k liability. OC shows 5k on my CR's. CA has called many times and told me that interest on the debt took it up to 7k. I corrected her when I told her what was shown on the CR but she merely moved on to collecting the 7k. I sent her and the the OC a PFD for 3k CMRRR at the same time. The CA returned with a denial letter and demand for 7k payment in full. I haven’t talked or wrote anymore letters for the last month. I just received another letter from CA threatening Judgment proceedings within 10 days of the date of the letter. She mentioned the Law Firm who would be handling this for her. After looking up SOL for Judgments on this site, I noticed that it is 4 years from collections. I checked my CR and this CO open dated was 2/2001. I rechecked the DV response letter and doc's and they all show that this debt went into collections on I think that this means that I am past SOL for her to file judgment against me. Can someone please help me feel a little more confidant about this?

As stated on my CR

Repossession as of Sep 2002, Aug 2002

Charge Off as of Nov 2002 to Feb 2006

120 days as of Aug 2002

90 days as of Jul 2002

60 days as of Jun 2002

30 days as of Mar 2002, Jan 2002, Dec 2001

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If you are, in fact, in a 4 yr state, you are correct. Send a C&D letter to the CA and state that this debt is passed the SOL. 8-) IF they sue (all threaten, many do not), you have your affirmative defense. Remember, you will have to answer any lawsuit if one is filed.

Expect that for the next few years it will be passed from one CA to another.

Look, the idiot you spoke to is lying to you.....the evidence is that lawyers do not hear your case and judgments are not proceedings! Linguistics is everything! :roll:

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