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Whether or not they will sue depends on who you are dealing with.

Regarding SOL, if you are trying to nail down a specific date, be careful. It is not the date of your last payment, it is from the date the account became delinquent.

It you paid on time, say the 30th of May, and your next payment was not due until June 30, you wouldn't be dilinquent until the the June 30 payment became past due. The creditor would have no way of knowing on May 30 that you would never make another payment, so be careful if you're counting days.

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does this include consumer debt counseling.. I was late on most of them and then went with a company that negotated payments for me .. I used them for a year and they went belly up.. so the last time payments were made through them was sept of 03...

some of these I was able to repair and negotiate on my own. others were passed from CA to CA.. so to be honest I wasn't sure where they went... again thanks


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