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"FREE" Veteran's Fraud Protection

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As a response to this month's theft of million's of US Veteran's personal information:

From Military.com:

Rep. John Salazar (Colo.) has introduced Veterans Identity Protection Act of

2006 (H.R. 5455). This measure will require the VA to provide one year of

free credit monitoring and a free annual credit report for the next two years

to veterans who are affected by this security breach. The measure also seeks

to authorize $1.25 billion to implement the program for the first year.

Original article (with links to contact your public officials):


On a personal note, I'm not sure (yet) how I feel about the act. I'm all for Vets (including myself) getting this benefit, but I'm not necessarily for the CRA's milking the government for billion/s of dollars due to V.A. incompetency. The CRA's should (but most likely wouldn't) offer this service at a DEEP discount to the government considering who the benefactors are. But once again, if anything they will most likely inflate the cost for Uncle Sam. Once again, I'd like to get more facts before defending or opposing this.


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