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Pleasantly surprised - we got Kay's LOC!

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They pulled Equifax. I think our scores are in the low 600's. We were approved for $2000 - $2800, possibly more; we haven't received the card yet. I wasn't counting on approval but we tried, just to see. Our first revolving credit account that isn't a measly $300! We're going to put down another $300 which will make my ring interest free for a year, and it will be completely paid off in a year. It's GORGEOUS and I can't believe I am at home wearing it (I had it in layaway starting in January). With the added down payment, we'll be starting out with only 50% utilization or less! I am so happy! we're finally starting to feel like normal people.

And we've only been doing DV/credit repair for a month or two.


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